Terms & Conditions


1. Full payment must be made at time of booking ‐ we do not accept provisional bookings and places will only be confirmed once payment is received by our bank, the payment receipt sent by email together with the booking form already filled and accepted to info@winetipster.gr. Students will then receive a booking confirmation via email. No booking in advance will be accepted, only following the bank payment order.

2. Once the payment has been received and the place confirmed by the Winetipster , the study pack will be provided to the student´s the first day of the course. It is essential that a daytime telephone number is provided on your booking form.

3. The student must provide personal information to receive the study pack and the final WSET certificate and to book a course place. Every change/update in the personal data must be communicated to The Winetipster Education Center.

4. At The Winetipster we strive to create an inclusive environment for all of our students and will make any reasonable attempt to provide support if you have any additional access or educational needs as a result of a disability. Requirements will be evaluated on an individual case basis. Please, contact us on +306974930784 or email info@winetipster.gr to discuss your needs together.

5. Cancellations

a. Cancellations of confirmed places must be communicated via email to info@winetipster.gr . They are accepted up to 15 natural days prior to the start of the course. In this case, the entire cost of the confirmed place will be refunded. If the cancellation is communicated after this period, the student will lose the right to a refund.

b. At the time of the cancellation, student must send back the study pack previously received which must be in perfect conditions. The postage expenses will be paid by the student. The student will be responsible for any damage to the study pack previously received. In case of damages to the study pack, the student will be required to pay the total price of books purchase.

c. Once the cancellation is confirmed and the study pack received by The Winetipster the refund will be paid to student in 14 days.

6. Transfers

a. Transfers of a confirmed booking either to another course or applicant can be made up to 15 natural days before the course start date on payment of a 350 EURO admin fee plus the cost of any additional study materials which may be applicable.

b. Transfers cannot be carried forward to the next academic year. If a confirmed course booking is cancelled during the 15 natural days prior to the start of the course, or at any time after the start of the course, no refund or transfer of the course fees will be made.

c. Examination dates are fixed to the course onto which you book. If the student cannot sit the examination on the fixed date of the booked course, he/she must send a transfer request to an alternative date by email to info@winetipster.gr at least 15 natural days before the original examination date. If an alternative exam date of another course of the same level has been already fixed by The Winetipster, the student will not incur any administration fee.

d. If transfer requests are made during the 15 days of the examination date or the alternative date for the exam linked to new courses has not been arranged yet, the student will incur the admin fee ( 150 EURO) and cost of examination paper which will have been ordered via WSET Awards.

e. The Winetipster reserves the right either to change the date of a course or cancel a course if the minimum required number of students is not reached. Alternative dates will be notified 14 natural days prior to the planned start date of the original course. The enrolment fee that was already paid by the student will be transferred to the new course with no additional charge. In case the new dates were nonviable for the student, the entire course fee will be refunded in full by Winetipster

f. Please note all transfers are subject to availability on alternative course/examination dates.

7. No student is allowed to sit the examination without having attended the related course, with the only exception of on line students.

8. On the day of the exam, the student must provide an ID‐card or passport The student must read the course Specification available on www.winetipster.gr under each course section.

10. Resits:

a. Students who have not passed the examination has the right to re‐sit. The request must be sent by email to info@winetipster.gr , up to 15 natural days before the new already planned exam date. The student will be required to pay the related exam fee for re‐sits, which will be communicated by The Winetipster accordingly to the rates agreed by the WSET Awards.

b. It is possible to plan an exam on a specific date but at a higher fee. Please, don´t hesitate to get in contact with us for more information.


1. The Winetipster has the right to cancel or postpone a course either in case the minimum number of students is not reached or for logistics reasons. In these cases, the new dates will be communicated by email to students.

2. Students authorise The Winetipster to pass their personal contact data to the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Awards in London in order to either prepare and send the certificates or get in contact. The personal data will not be shared with any other company/entity.

3. The Winetipster recommends a moderate consumption of alcohol and invite all the students enrolled onto its courses to spit the wines tasted during the tasting sections. The Winetipster will not be responsible for any allergic reaction students might have during or soon after the course. Students who are under medical treatment or suffer from diseases which are incompatible with alcohol consumption, pregnant women and people under the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in Greece will not be allowed to sample any alcoholic beverages as part of their course. While this will not be a barrier to successfully completing the qualification for Level 1 and Level 2 Award, it will be a barrier, instead, for alcohol for religious or other reasons. Students must communicate to Winetipster. Any medical or physical incompatible circumstance before enrolling onto the courses and before the start of the course MUST be written on the booking form of Winetipster.

4. Students will be the only responsible for any damage/harm caused either to themselves or to third parties because of an inappropriate use of the course material, including glasses and wines.

5. The Winetipster will not be responsible in any case for the loss or damage to student´s personal belongings either inside nor outside of the classroom.

6. The Winetipster reserves the right to refuse and cancel the student´s enrolment without any right to refund in case of student´s misbehavior or physical and verbal aggression towards any The Winetipster employees, students and third parties.

7. At the time of enrolment, students accept that the information provided in the booking form and in the Terms and Conditions is correct and trustful. By sending the booking form, the student accepts the Terms and Conditions described here.

8. At the time of enrolment, students confirm to have read and agreed with our Privacy Policy available on www.winetipster.gr .

9. In case of false information, The Winetipster reserves the right to cancel the enrolment.

10. By sending this booking form, the student accepts the terms and conditions described here.